Capstone Action for All (CAA)

NGO in Uganda

Registration Number 80020003838802, We are a leading organization in talent development and livelihood resilience in refugee settlements in Uganda We are expanding our programs beyond refugees in Nakivale settlement to reach more communities


Our mission

To empower refugees in Nakivale settlement to overcome their challenges and achieve their full potential.


Financial Support

We are seeking financial support from donors to expand our programs and reach more individuals in need.


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What we do

Empowering Refugees through Performing Arts Artistic Journeys

We very much welcome your Donation, UG 4.5 million can sponsor the entire tournament, awards for winners, uniforms, Balls, facilitation for referees, transport for players.

img Artistic Journeys

Empowering Refugees through Performing

This year 2023 we are planning a talent show for RUBONDO subzone in September. We are targeting over 200 participants Donations: awards for winners..

img Youth Empowerment

Create opportunities for refugees to thrive.

Our mission at Capstone Action for All (CAA) is to empower refugees in Nakivale settlement to overcome their challenges and achieve their full potential.

img 2023

Annual football tournament

For many refugees in Nakivale, football is not just a game but a source of hope and inspiration. Through this tournament, Capstone Action For All aims to create a space where refugees can showcase their talents, build community, and celebrate their resilience.

img Refugees from different backgrounds

Connect and interact

The tournament brings together teams from different communities in Nakivale, providing a space for refugees from different backgrounds to connect and interact

Persons with special needs protection.

We construct sustainable housing for the elderly, disabled, single mothers that are family heads. Each unit is custom made to accommodate the family size. The units vary from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom.

Protection and legal assistance

We assist refugees and asylum seekers on their rights, obligations, and rules and regulations involved in the determination of their status. We offer simple programs to help them adjust to their new way of life.

Our expert team

Meet our dedicated and experienced team


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Niyijena Phiona

Ag Executive Director


Paul Weere

Director Admin and Finance